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Drone Photography

High resolution images from drones offers compelling, close-in views to showcase your property.

Photos Sell!

The right photos draw in your prospective tenants.


Progress Shots, Pay App Photos, Marketing Video - We Have Expertise in Construction.

Welcome to Land And Air Photos.
Imagery By Drone or Ground Camera.

At Land And Air Photos we provide photography and video from the sky as well as ground-based exterior and interior imagery. We also can assemble your imagery into a finished video - an easy solution for your markting purposes!

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A Recent Project

A recent video created by Land and Air Photos

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Learn to Fly Drones

The Jeff Sibelius Youtube Channel teaches you how to fly!

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Awesome Photos / Video

We have more than 35 years of photographic experience, superb videographer skills and we're an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot. Also networked with other licensed pilots in Texas to cover all flying needs.

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Real Estate Expertise

We have more than 13 years of real estate and construction photography experience. Even better, we can shoot your imagery and produce your final video from start to finish - we're a one-stop shop for your real estate marketing needs.

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Private Drone Lessons in DFW

You can learn to fly safely and successfully with Youtube videos and private lessons from a proven pilot and teacher. Don't spend $1000 or more on a drone without learning to fly it right!

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