Real Estate: Commercial and Residential

ImageQuality photos are crucial for real estate, commercial or residential.

Modern commercial businesses leverage electronic media, most notably the Internet, to research what commercial space they want to expand into. Further, with the flood of companies leaving east coast / west coast states to relocate to Texas, commercial real estate developers and property owners have the challenge of reaching potential tenants in Texas and all around the country.

Your web presences must sell. And quality photos and videos of your properties are critical for you to provide a website, social media presence or other marketing mechanism that makes people want to call. Quality photos are memorable and compelling.

Residential real estate is no different. If you're trying to sell a home, you want to stand out from the dozens of other homes in your city. Photos that showcase the property's best features will make your sales flyer, web page or MLS listing stand out from other homes in your area. Even better, a video with exterior and interior imagery, set to music, perhaps with narration and the real estate agent's branding and contact information, can create energy and excitement about your listing - it sells the home in a way that a few cell phone snapshots could ever hope to match.

Multiply this impact many times over if you are a home builder or operator of multi-family housing properties or residential developments.

Few other markets have a greater need for quality photography than real estate; simply put, superior photos and video give you a competitive advantage.


Commercial Real Estate

ImageWhat do people looking for commercial real estate want to know? How does the property look? What are its features? Where is its location - does it provide good access to truck routes? Does it provide a good store front to heavily trafficked roads?

Other than "what's the price?" any question they might ask can be responded to with words - or truly answered with imagery.

Drones allow photographers to get elevation shots to show the entire project site, while flying at altitudes of less than 400 feet. This can be accomplished by flying the drone out horizontally or by shooting several images and stitching them together as a panorama. The value to this approach is that you photograph the jobsite more from the side to give your developers a horizontal perspective of the jobsite - not just the roof.

Progress photos can now be provided in the form of videos, increasing the value of the information you provide to real estate developers and business owners by assembling views from different angles and elevations into a single short video. Manned aircraft simply can't match the variety of perspectives you can share with your clients that drone- and ground-based imagery can provide. These videos are invaluable for showing progress, coordinating change orders, responding to owner questions and more.

Not sure if you want photos or video? The video is taken at 4K resolution, so we can extract still photos that print at 8x10 or greater - you don't have to choose one or the other.


Communication With Investors

ImageThe investors in your commercial building project or residential development may be in other cities, states - even countries. Over the course of the project they want continual updates on how work is progressing.

You don't have to tell them how construction is procedding - you can show them. Periodic progress photos and video offer a regularly updated look at the project that can be shared to anyone with an internet connection. This offers a level of comfort and communication your investors will appreciate.

Your leasing efforts begin long before the final Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Use progress photos and video to help sell your new building by providing potential tenants with a look at the building as it is under construction and the surrounding area as well.

Home builders can use these images to showcase the progress on a residential development for people who have purchased homes under construction - or those who are considering a purchase.

Process photos are great for marketing.

Marketing - Critical For Sucess

ImageGrowing real estate developers in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout Texas are seeing new technologies like websites, social media, Youtube videos and more as a way to drive new business opportunities and reach potential clients in Texas and outside of the state. Many companies are relocating from states like California; how will those business owners identify and select locations for their businesses in Texas? By looking at online resources.

And all those companies are bringing new residents to Texas by the thousands. How will those home buyers and renters find new places to live?

No matter how you plan to market your properties, online or in print, website or Facebook, you need photos and videos to sell your commercial OR residential properties.

How We Can Help

ImageWe have the technologies, experience and expertise to deliver stunning overview photos, along with close-in shots of work being performed as your project progresses.

When the job is done, we can shoot beautiful finished building images from land and air, along with capturing the dramatic interior shots to showcase every detail of the quality you delivered on your project.

Just need the images? We can provide it in the form of video or still photos (or both), unedited for your graphic artist or processed for maximum impact.

ImageWe can also assemble the footage and photos into a dynamic finished video presentation with music and narration. Your video can be branded with your logo, phone number or web address, or any additional information you like, as part of one of our value packages.

We make it simple by doing the full project ourselves, from shooting your images to producing the finished product.

The most important thing you need to do is get the process started so we can begin capturing your work in progress as soon as possible. Use our contact form today to tell us more about your construction photography needs.

NOTE: As with any legally operating drone photography company, our ability to shoot aerial imagery is contingent upon several factors, including weather, proximity to controlled flight areas and the requirements of restricted airspace. We will discuss these limits with you after we review the specific location to be photographed.