Drone Education: Youtube and Private Lessons

Flying a drone is a lot like jumping from an airplane. It sounds like a great idea all the way up until it's time to take the leap!

Flying a drone for the first time can be frightening. The drone companies tell you it's EASY to fly, but when it's YOUR $1000 investment getting ready to lift off, it doesn't seem quite so simple - especially when those same drone companies tell you that damage resulting from a crash isn't covered under your warranty!

How do you set up the drone? What is the most dangerous part of a drone? (Hint: it's NOT the propellers.) What should you do to avoid problems with the FAA?

Learn From a Proven Pilot and Teacher

Jeff Sibelius Youtube Channel teaches you how to fly a droneI have trained thousands of new drone pilots around the world on how to fly a drone safely, successfully and confidently through my Youtube channel, Jeff Sibelius.

Currently I have 10,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views on my educational videos. In those videos I walk viewers through the entire process of making your first flight - initial preflight steps, drone setup, preflight inspections and what to do on your first flight.

Click on the image to the right to view a playlist of drone training videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Jeff Sibelius channel so you will be notified when new videos are released.

Private Lessons in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas!

If you live in Dallas / Fort Worth, you can also receive a private lesson on how to fly.

I'll take you from unboxing all the way through your first flight, explaining how to assemble and configure your drone, what dangers you should avoid, where to fly and more. I'll guide you through your first flight, explaining all the stick commands, buttons and safety features on your aircraft. You'll learn how to launch, navigate, use your camera for still photos and video and of course, land safely.

Not sure what drone to buy? As part of the lessons I can help you choose the right drone and source it from a reputable dealer. I am not affiliated with any retailer OR manufacturer so I can give you unbiased guidance based on how you plan to use it, what your budget is, etc.

The lesson takes place in two parts: Drone set up and safety, and your first flight. In the first part I'll explain how to set up your drone, what the safety considerations are and how to get ready to fly. In part two we will fly together. I'll teach you how to safety check the drone, launch it, how to use the two control sticks, what the different controller buttons do, how to control and use the camera, flight safety features, and safe landing techniques.

Record your training on video so you can watch it again to reinforce your training!

Nothing you can do will make your flying safer, more enjoyable and less stressful than training on how to set up and operate the drone. You can spend dozens of hours combing through Youtube videos or you can spend two hours with a professional drone pilot, explaining every step in the process. Private lessons save you time and money and you'll be flying your drone like an experienced pilot in no time!

Parents, are you buying a drone for your son or daughter? Would you prefer to trust them to spend hours researching how ot fly, what the laws are and how to stay out of trouble - or would you prefer that they are trained to fly smart, fly safe and fly right? And you can record the training on video so they can refer back to the training again and again!

Lessons are offered on a limited basis with these qualifications:

  • Student pilots must be 13 or older - preferably 16 or older if they're flying a substantial drone. Parents must attend lessons for minors.
  • Student pilots must provide their own drone.
  • Drones for training include:
    • DJI Phantom Series 3
    • DJI Phantom Series 4
    • DJI Mavic - all models  
    • DJI Mavic Mini  
    • DJI Spark (with controller)
    • Yuneec Q500
    • Yuneec Typhoon H
    • Other models may be considered.
    • Training for toy or FPV racing drones is not provided.

Interested in private lessons? Fill out the contact form and we can discuss how to get you flying your drone - flying safely, flying smart, flying it with confidence.