Photo Video Services From Start to Finish

Land And Air Photos is a company that provides ground-based photography and video, aerial photography / video (drones), video editing and production services and more. In addition, Land And Air Photos provides individual lessons to new drone pilots to help them fly safely, successfully and with confidence.

Photo / Video Services Spanning the Spectrum

photograph by Land And Air Photos in Dallas Fort Worth TexasLand And Air Photos is a sole proprietership business, located in north Texas. The owner of this company is an experienced writer, photographer, web designer and videographer with extensive experience in construction and real estate marketing imagery. A veteran of the United States Air Force, he is an FAA Part 107 licensed pilot with a SUAS Rating and has received his OSHA 10-hour training.

The Part 107 license is critical, but it's not the only requirement. Just because a drone pilot has the Part 107 license, that doesn't mean he or she can fly legally in controlled airspace - that is, airspace around many airports. They must receive Certificates of Authorization from the FAA to fly in that airspace on top of their license - and some areas can not be flown in at all.

Before you hire a pilot to fly at your location, make sure they have authorization from the FAA and can legally fly in that airspace - otherwise, you might be the one facing government sanctions for sponsoring illegal flights.

Land And Air Photos has FAA-approved area-wide Certificates of Authorization for all Class B-D airspace in Dallas / Fort Worth, Waco and San Antonio. We use the FAA-approved grid maps to verify whether a specific location can be flown at all. If the airspace is legal to fly in these areas, we have the authorization to fly there.

Land And Air Photos has the training, experience and FAA certification to deliver superior quality photos and video LEGALLY to meet your marketing needs.

Check out My Drones and Photographic Equipment for more information about the tools I use to create my photography and video.

Photograph by Land And Air Photos in Dallas Fort Worth TexasLand And Air Photos is networked with numerous commercial pilots around Dallas / Fort Worth, extending the services available to 3D mapping, television/movie work, roof and pipeline inspections, weddings, insurance and legal documentation and more.

All pilots networked with Land And Air Photos have a current pilot's license and authorization to fly drones (Section 333 exemption, Part 107 license, etc.)

In addition, Land And Air Photos can pull still images from your video, or assemble your video into a finished form with music and narration.

Land And Air Photos is a one-stop shop to take your project from start to finish.

Here is one example where all the aerial video, photography, writing, narrtion and video editing were performed by Land And Air Photos:

Youtube Training From a Proven Pilot and Teacher

Jeff Sibelius Youtube channel by Land And Air Photos in Dallas Fort Worth TexasLand And Air Photos has trained thousands of new drone pilots around the world on how to fly a drone safely, successfully and confidently through the Youtube channel, Jeff Sibelius.

Currently this channel has more than 10,000 subscribers and one MILLION views.

I am now publishing show notes on new reviews and tutorials - check out Jeff Sibelius on Youtube and Facebook for more information.

Click on the image to the right to view a playlist of drone training videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Jeff Sibelius channel so you will be notified when new videos are released.

Private Drone Lessons in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

If you live in Dallas / Fort Worth, Land And Air Photos also provides private lessons on how to fly drones.

You will learn the entire process, from unboxing all the way through your first flight. In a one-on-one setting I'll guide you through your first flight, explaining all the stick commands, buttons and safety features on your aircraft. You'll learn how to launch, navigate, use your camera for still photos and video and of course, land safely.

Nothing you can do will make your flying safer, more enjoyable and less stressful than training on how to set up and operate the drone. You can spend dozens of hours combing through Youtube videos or you can spend two hours with a professional drone pilot, explaining every step in the process.

Private lessons save you time and money and you'll be flying your drone like an experienced pilot in no time!

Click here for more information about private lessons.