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Youtube and Facebook

Jeff Sibelius Youtube Channel teaches you how to fly a droneI have trained thousands of new drone pilots around the world on how to fly a drone safely, successfully and confidently through my Youtube channel, Jeff Sibelius.

Currently I have 10,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views on my educational videos. In those videos I walk viewers through the entire process of making your first flight - initial preflight steps, drone setup, preflight inspections and what to do on your first flight.I also delve into more technical issues, teaching you how to get the most from your camera, how to edit your videos using Cyberlink PowerDirector and more.

I also have a Facebook group, Jeff Sibelius Texas Drones, where we talk about drone issues and arrange opportunities to fly together. If you like to talk drones or want to ask me any questions, join the group. I love flying with other drone pilots - if you're in Texas (or even Oklahoma or Louisiana), join the group and let's get together and fly!

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Youtube Video Show Notes

When I create videos, I always end up cutting out parts of the original script. That makes the video shorter and easier to watch, but it means the episode you watch doesn't have all the information.

For this reason, I have decided to start building show notes for tutorials and review. My show notes will include a complete transcript - including content not included in the video - as well as photos, links to video clips and more information.

Here is a list of show notes.

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